The History of La Cour du Verger

La Cour du Verger Origins and Owners

La Cour du Verger is the oldest residence in the commune of Roussac.  Parts of the main house were built in the 12th Century.  However its true history remains sketchy. Later owners of the manoir were various "Bourgeois noble" and it remained in the hands of the Dubois family for quite a long time. Notably, the Escorne family resided at the manoir in the 1900's and they farmed the land. The region is known for both its cattle and sheep farming.  The famous Limousin cow is raised extensively in this region.


Legend has it that La Cour du Verger was once home to an apothecaire and some time before that, it housed nuns from the nearby Roussac Church.

Frere Cosme Albaron was Apothecaire to the nearby Abbey de Gramont and his mortar and pestle was found in the attic of La Cour du Verger. It seems that it was kept safe by successive owners of manoir.  Crafted in 1669, an inscription on its side said "I was made for the service of Frere Cosme Albaron". Its handles were of the heads of "d'animal fantastique".


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