Our lake measures 1.7 acres.  It is a 5 minute walk from the house.   It is formed in the basin created by our small valley.  The run-off water from the surrounding hills pools here.  When high enough, it flows through one of the two sluice gates, under the bank and down the other side.

It continues down the hill, making a small waterfall along its way.  The water sounds, along with the bird song, adds to the peace and beauty of this stunning spot.

The walking track, which skirts the lake across the bank, is Napoleonic.  Although the track runs through our property, it forms part of the many communal walking tracks now used by the occassional rambler.  But once, these were essential connections between hamlets.

The dam, which holds back the water and creates the lake itself, was made by Napoleon's troops in their "down time", between waging campaigns.  They were paid for the work and it kept them busy during quiet periods.

As one climbs the hill, to leave the lake and follow the path,  stone walls either side show evidence of how well-trodden these tracks have been over the centuries.

The lake is bordered by ancient woodland and well-established rhododendrons.  Yellow irises appear in a solid block at the far end of the lake in spring.  They make a spectacular sight when all in bloom.

We have a small row-boat that beckons the adventurous!


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